PAIR - Partnership Awards for the Integration of Research


Faculty and Students Attend PAIR Summit

November, 3-6, 2002



South Carolina State University (SCSU) participated in the NASA PAIR Summit held in Leesburg, Virginia on November 3-6, 2002. The Summit ( was designed to showcase the NASA’s PAIR program which is managed by the Minority University Research and Education Division ( at NASA Headquarters. The PAIR program is designed to integrate cutting-edge NASA-related research into the undergraduate educational experience, to strengthen teaching and research strategies across academic programs and to enhance collaboration among Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology (MSET) academic departments. A total of 14 PAIR schools and a number of NASA CIPA schools participated. 

Thirteen SCSU students and two faculty members attended the conference and gave four student poster papers and two faculty oral presentations. Of all the student posters presented during the Summit, 20 of them were competitively judged, including two student posters from SCSU.  Awards were given for the first and second place posters and six Meritorious Achievement Awards.  Mr. Guy Mentor from SCSU received a Meritorious Achievement Award for his poster “A Search for Extragalactic HII Regions and Supernova Remnants.” 

Funding for SCSU student and faculty travel to the PAIR National Summit was provided through the NASA/PAIR award to SCSU, NCC 5-454.