• To provide hands-on, field oriented experiences for students from Field Station member institutions in programs that utilize math and science principles to solve complex real-life problems in agriculture, environmental science, natural resource management, and engineering by using the expertise available at the member institutions, government agencies, private sector, and the natural and technological resources available at the Savannah River Site.
  • To increase recruitment and retention of underrepresented students and women in science, engineering, natural resources management and environmental career professions.
  • To increase science literacy and public education on complex environmental issues.
Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station

Managed By:
South Carolina State University

Funded By:
Department of Energy
USDA Forest Service and
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Walmart State Giving Program

Program Director:
Dr. Venetia D. Lyles

Senior Fiscal Analyst:
Mildred Daniels

Office Phone: 803 536-8572
Office email