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2012 Interns

2012 Interns

2011 Interns

2011 Interns

2010 Interns

2010 Interns

From left to right: Emmanuel Nwokocha (Voorhees), Jordana Smith (NCA&T), Dr.Denise Grant (SC State), Nicole Barclay & Tiffany Burgess (both SC State), and Sheldon Mabry (Clemson). Photograph taken at the2010 Advisory Board Meeting.

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Wal-Mart Foundation Donates $150,000 to Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station program

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WCIV June 8, 2009

The Post & Courier June 9, 2009

Times & Democrat June 9, 2009 (republished)

Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station

Managed By:
South Carolina State University

Funded By:
Department of Energy
USDA Forest Service and
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Walmart State Giving Program

Dr. Kathy Carvalho-Knighton

Senior Fiscal Analyst:
Mildred Daniels

Academic Coordinator:
Maria Hubbard

Office Phone: 803 536-8572
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